Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogging For Dollars part2

Following my own advice, I've been busy creating other blogs and writing articles for the last few days. In the last post I ended the discussion with writing "Good Content". Again I say that this is one of thee most important skills you can develop, If you want to Blog For Dollars!!!! My suggestion would be to blog everyday. Practice using your keywords in the first couple of sentences of your post for better optimization (I will do an in depth post on optimizing your blog for Google rankings).
In order to Blog for Dollars, you will need to find a niche to blog about. To start you will first research what is popular today. Find out what the most popular key words are by using search engines and rss feeds. Chances are that there will be hundreds of blogs on that subject. Don't get discourage, see if you can use those keywords in an unique way. Perhaps you can add a new twist to what already been done (you'll be doing that anyway). If you get stuck on that see if you can combine keywords in a different way. Once you have decided on your niche, begin to blog on a regular basis. Your focus should be on giving your readers quality information and your personal touch. Your personal touch is what will separate you from the others who are blogging in your niche. Overtime you will develop your own style and be able to create good posts. Once you have written your main post rewrite and submit it to several free article web sites like or .You can Google free article to get more sites to submit your post to. Why should you submit your articles to different web sites? You want to do this so that you can create links to your blog that will help increase your Google Page Ranking.
Well that enough for now, Blog for Dollars !!!!!